• Customised cold tips.

    Choose power, temperature and dimensions.

  • Optimised heat sinking.

    Thermal design of the total system.

  • Tailor-made vacuum environment.

    Let us design long-life vacuum housing, the feedthroughs, etc.

  • Electronics and software.

    Optimised embedded hardware and software systems.

Semi-customised Solutions

Integrated (OEM) Solution. Kryoz offers its specialised know-how & development skills to develop a tailor-made solution and integrate our micro cooling technology with your product. Increase your system’s sensitivity, accuracy or perform new type of measurements by cryocooling crucial sensors or samples in your measurement system.

Our approach

Since every integrated OEM solution is different, we use a work-flow that has proven to be reliable and result in a very high chance of success. In summary this means an OEM product development is divided in much smaller sub-projects, where the client has the possibility to define go-no-go milestones after every sub-project or even work package. This way all the steps from basic idea to fully functional product can be controlled in great detail.

A typical OEM product development includes, but is not restricted to, the following steps:

  1. Technology match-making: investigate if your cryogenic cooling requirements are compatible with our technology offer.
  2. Simulation steps: all boundary conditions and requirements of the specific application are stated in our thermodynamic models to investigate if the requirements can be met.
  3. Proof-of-principle measurements, usually using available hardware and some custom made parts.
  4. Prototype development and testing: fully functional setup specifically for the OEM application. This setup is usually portable and can also be tested at client’s location.
  5. Prototype to commercial production transition.
  6. Commercial production of final OEM system.

Technology USP’s

  • No mechanical vibrations
  • Miniature cold stage for pin-point cooling
  • Custom cold-stage dimensions to enable full integration with your system
  • Fast cool-down and heat-up of samples
  • Wide temperature range
  • High temperature stability
  • No liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic fluid handling
  • Fully automated cryogenic system
  • Custom software
  • Custom interface, both at hot and cold side

Our fields of expertise

  • Cryogenics
  • General thermodynamics
  • MEMS technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electronics
  • Software development
  • Superconducting devices (including SQUIDs)
  • Microfluidics
  • Thin film technology

Semi-customized solutions

Technical specifications

Available temperature range

Minimum temperature of temperature platform: 40 K (-233 ℃)

Maximum temperature of temperature platform: 673 K (400 ℃)

Temperature stability: ± 10 mK

Available cooling power range

Maximum cooling power: 200 mW

(depends on required temperature)

Cold-stage dimensions

The cold stage is fabricated from glass. If required its dimensions can be customized.


Mechanical vibration compatibility

Cold stage induces negligible mechanical vibrations.

Extreme low thermal drift (< 10 nm/min).


Cold-stage flexibility

Cold stage can be physically separated from gas control system.

Cold stage can be fixed to a manipulation stage to move your sample.

Small cold-stage size improves serviceability of your system.

One gas control system can feed multiple cold stage.

Vacuum requirements

Cold stage has to be surrounded by vacuum.

Vacuum level required: ≤ 10-3 mbar. Custom vacuum chamber design possible.

Cooling system control

Direct control via standardized Kryoz interface.

Via (customized) software to control for example:

  • Sample loading
  • Temperature setpoint
  • Programs runs and editing
  • PID settings
  • System status

Custom interfacing

Both the hot-side and cold-side interface can be fully customized for your application. A few examples are given below.

Semi-customized solutions


CryoVision is the software package to control the CryoLab from a PC and is included with all systems. Although The CryoLab can be fully operated as a stand-alone apparatus, with CryoVision you are able to control the system in more detail. You can see all parameters in a glance, switch between single set-point and programs. Create, edit and save programs and export your data.

System requirements for CryoVision stand-alone program: Windows™ 7 or later.

Sub-VIs for temperature control or parameter read-out: LabView 8.0 or higher

Some functions...

  • Temperature control: single setpoint / programs / external
  • Manual or automated PID tuning
  • Direct bottle-, vacuum- and gas-line pressure  monitoring
  • CryoVision Monitor via TCP/Web Server
  • LabView subVIs to read or read/control current temperature
  • Automated software and firmware internet updates

CryoVision Monitor

Keep track of your cool-down measurements on your mobile devices using CryoVision Monitor.

Semi-customized solutions

Closed-loop systems

Closed-Loop Cryocoolers

Closed-loop systems. Kryoz offers its specialised know-how & development skills to develop micro cryocooler closed-loop systems. In such a system the working gas is compressed using a sorption or mechanical compressor realising a closed cycle. For many in-field applications this is a strict requirement.

Sorption coolers have no moving parts. This is attractive for a number of reasons. First, wear is not an issue and, therefore, extremely long life can be expected. Second, in contrast to mechanical piston compressors, no vibrations are generated. This is relevant to vibration-sensitive devices, such as optical detectors. Finally, the absence of moving parts permits scaling of the cooler to small size. This is especially of interest, because the efficiency of the cooler is fundamentally independent of its size.

Unique Selling Points

  • No moving parts / long-life time.
  • Creates no (measurement) interference.
  • Scalable cooling power.
  • Separable compressor and cold stage.
  • Multiple cold heads with a single central compressor.

Suggested application fields….

Cooling the crucial sensor in systems for:

Inspection and Control

  • Non-destructive evaluation systems.
  • Quality control systems.

Telecom / Satcom

  • Central base-stations.
  • Satellite communication.
  • Aviation telecom.
  • Radio astronomy.

Medical Diagnostics

  • (Bio) medical diagnostic systems.
  • Cancer-, neuro-imaging.

Defence and Border Security

  • Radar systems
  • Passenger inspection
  • Night-vision cameras

Resource Exploration

  • Gas, mineral & oil exploration systems.

Life Science Industry

  • Electron microscopes.
  • Raman spectroscopy.
  • Cell freezing.

Portfolio examples

Kryoz’ micro cryocooling for

Electron microscopy / Beamlines

  • Zero-vibration.
  • Customised dimensions.
  • Fast cool down and heat up.

Kryoz’ micro cryocooling for


  • No interference.
  • Small size cold finger.
  • Fast cool down and heat up.

Kryoz’ micro cryocooling for

Infrared sensors

  • No vibrations.
  • Very long MTBF.
  • Small size cold finger.


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